Reichenbach Multicolor – Photos and first results

Remember how excited I was about this new color? I was a bit surprised when I got the beads out of my kiln.

They did continue to strike once in the kiln, resulting in colors that are not as vivid as they were when I put the beads in the kiln. Good news is that they didn’t strike to brown or khaki but to a rather nice seafoam green.

As you can see, there are still purple and blue streaks visible – just not as vivid and dominant as before annealing. I garaged at 910F and annealed at 928F for 2 hours.

I will do some more tests, this time taking into consideration that the color continued to kiln-strike. More pictures about this in a couple of days.

6 responses to “Reichenbach Multicolor – Photos and first results

  1. they are still beautiful. Did you encase them or are they straight MC? I'm playing with mine tomorrow, will let you know what I think. I'm sad at how little 1/4 lb is… I'm sure I'm going to want more.

  2. Love all your beads and colors, but I think I need a dictionary! Lampwork beading definitely has it's own vocabulary :-)Thea

  3. Glittering Prize – sorry you have not much luck with the Multicolor. What happens? Are you encasing? Because I tried now pretty much all sorts of things in the hope to be able to encase it and still keep colors – to no avail. It's always going very light seafoam green, not a streak of color, just some whitish-green striations. I definitely have more success with leaving it without encasing.

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