The many faces of Gaffer Chalcedony 109

Gaffer Chalcedony 109 has been already on the market for a couple of months and you can find lots of photos of Chalcedony beads on lampwork forums. But I wanted to highlight with this post how it reacts with different colors depending on what color is used as a core.

I personally achieve the best results (= very vivid colors) if I use on it’s own, on a base of clear or a base of black. These beads are Chalcedony 109 on a base of Uroboros Black, encased with Uroboros Clear (all COE 96):

Here are a couple of beads that display how the color range can vay, depending on the core bead. All these beads are treated in the same way: core bead in a different color, apply Chalcedony, heat till red hot, cool down, a few short flashes through the flame, encased in Gaffer clear.

1. Base of Gaffer Robin’s Egg Blue
2. Base of Gaffer Lime (very vivid results – comporable to black base)
3. Base of Reichenbach Pigeon Blue
4. Base of Gaffer Cobalt (surprisingly muted pastel colors)
5. Base of Reichenbach Tobacco Light (muted results, but I love the effect)
6. Base of Gaffer Purple trans (now that’s a surprise – a dull mossy brown-green)
7. Base of Reichenbach Heliotrope trans (same dull brown-green – Heliotrope is in the same purple color range)

Here two more beads, this time without encasing.
The first one is a base of clear, encased in Gaffer Green Luster, decoration with Chalcedony. After shaping the bead I reduced slightly.

I hope it comes across in the photo that the Chalcedony also reduced: sometimes with a coppery sheen, other spots reduced to a silver-blue metallic.

The second bead was another go at the Heliotrope (which I love – it just doesn’t work with Chalcedony too well). Core of Uroboros clear, encased in Heliotrope, decorated with Chalcedony. Not encased, and not reduced.
I got the same dull mossy-brown effects as already in the encased bead above. However, there were a couple of spots where I could get some nice reactions. Overall still no success. Even the Heliotrop turned in a dirty brown *sigh*.

I would so love to combine Chalcedony with a purple. If somebody knows any purple or red-purple that works with Chalcedony, please please let me know.

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