DH “Frantz Juggernaut” – first impressions

Here are my first test beads with the new (and very limited) Double Helix color “Frantz Juggernaut”. I didn’t have lots of time to play, so I just made some crystals with a Juggernaut core, gentle striking until dark amber and encased with DH Aether.
Oh, and for some added sparkle I’ve applied a tiny bit of dichro.

I found that the color is not quite as easy to strike as for example Ekho, which is super-easy to strike by just putting the bead back for a couple of seconds in the flame. But I do love the results, for sure – very wispy color changes from caramel to purple, cobalt, orange, turquoise.It reminds me of one of the odd lots, I think it’s T-356 with it’s soft, feminine colors.

I can’t wait to do some more tests. Will post photos of new test beads in a couple of days – I definitely want to try different colors of core beads, reducing and reactions with other colors.

What do you think about this new color? I know, the batch was very small and is already sold out, but if people really love it, Double Helix might think about a re-make. Who knows? 🙂


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