Reichenbach Multicolor Dark (R-736C)

If you’re one of my Facebook friends, then you know that I’m smitten with this new glass.
And if you like Gaffer Chalcedony, then the chance is high that you’ll LOVE Reichenbach Multicolor Dark (R-736C).

It’s COE 96, unlike it’s little brother, regular Reichenbach Multicolor (COE 104). The color range is pretty similar to Gaffer Chalcedony, however: doesn’t develop brown burn spots, it plays nicely with purples (remember how Chalcedony turns into some moss-brown-green mess?), it’s much easier to strike and so far I didn’t manage to overstrike it. Love it!

The one limitation I found so far with my testing: like regular Multicolor, it doesn’t like too much to be encased. The colors are no longer vivid, turn a bit muddy. Chalcedony on the other hand loves encasing, and the colors stay just as vivid.

My test beads are currently cooling down in the kiln. More details plus pictures tomorrow!


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