Reichenbach Multicolor Dark (R-736C) – Photos test beads

Can’t believe I forgot to post these ones. Here are the photos of some color tests that I made with the new Reichenbach Multicolor Dark (R-736C), which is COE96.

I was mostly interested to see how it’s interacting with the purples, because Gaffer Chalcedony doesn’t play nicely with it. And I’m very happy about the outcome – so far I couldn’t find any problems between Reichenbach Multicolor and purples!
The beads in this photo show a stripe of Multicolor Dk (without encasing) on top of Reichenbach Heliotrope, Reichenbach Pigeon Blue, Gaffer Violet. It developed nice colors, mainly in the purple-denim-blue-cobalt range.
Remember in my first post about this new glass? I had the impression encasing it didn’t yield any nice colors. When I put the beads in the kiln, they were looking kind of dark and/or washed out. Well, I’m happy to say that encasing does NOT wash out the colors. These beads show
1. Multicolor Dark on top of Uroboros clear (unencased)
2. Multicolor Dark on top of Uroboros clear, encased in Uroboros clear
3. Core of Multicolor Dark, encased in Uroboros clear
On this bead (base of Gaffer Lime Green) we can see the nice reactions that Multicolor Dark is producing. Around the original dots, there’s a very thin outline. I saw this reactions with a couple of different core colors. Cool!

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