Aether vs. other clears in combination with silver glass

It is no secret that Aether is one of my favorite clears. It flows like butter, is crystal clear, doesn’t bubble, scum or burn. However, one thing not known to everyone is that Ather can change the appearance of certain silver glass colors. And sometimes those changes are quite dramatic. When I first realized this, I was confused and a bit upset. My favorite clear was suddenly showing a flaw *shock*!
However – in the meantime I changed my mind I feel it’s actually a great thing.

So with one silver glass color (for example Triton) I can get now different results, depending on whether I use Aether or one of the other clears, for example Diamond Clear or Reichenbach Clear, or even a mix of different clears. It’s actually extending the options that a silver glass color is giving me.
Here are some examples of beads to show the effect. It’s basically exactly the same beads, however encased with different clears.

Three different Double Helix odd lots, golden dichro stringer and gold leaf. First picture encased in Diamond Clear.

Second picture – same beads, encased in Aether. Quite a difference, isn’t it? The odd lot that changed the most color is SL 181.

Here are more examples. Top row: Double Helix KA 357 and silvered ivory stringer encased in Diamond clear. Bottom row: encased in Aether.

Some more pictures of odd lots with different encasings, this time between Aether and Reichenbach. I found the difference between Aether and Reichenbach actually not to be as dramatic as between Aether and DC. I should have made 3 beads, with the 3 different clears.

Top row Aether, bottom row Reichenbach (TE-317 with ivory & intense black). Please excuse the bad bead holes, it was just a quick & dirty test.

Left side Aether, right side Reichenbach (both on top of Ekho and TE-317 with gold foil)

And the last one, this one again pretty dramatic.
Left bead: OX327 and Triton, silver foil, encased in Aether.
Right bead: OX327 and Triton, palladium foil, encased in Reichenbach.

Seeing the different reactions, it’s actually pretty cool to see how Aether can give a new dimension to a known silver glass color. I saw some beads by fellow lampworkers that used a combinations of clears in one bead, and those beads were gorgeous!


3 responses to “Aether vs. other clears in combination with silver glass

  1. That is really amazing how the clears are so different. Judith, thanks for posting all these tests……Valerie

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