Glass Stock West 2010 – Here I come

I got yesterday the news that I’m attending Glass Stock West in Eugene, Oregon. I’m so excited about it, I was literally squealing when I got Deb’s email. And at the same time I’m terrified and nervous.

It’s the first time that I have to do a demonstration, and my mind started racing right away: What style do I show? What do I say? What if I screw up? What if the bead release brakes? What if the whole bead turns into poop?

In the past I was teaching – a lot. I was giving many classes, but that was in IT. Operation systems, database development, beginner & advanced Lotus Notes and similar things. But it’s quite a different kettle of fish whether you know something inside out and you teach it to newbies, or if you demo something to peers or people much more experienced than I am. *yikes* 🙂

Nerves aside, I’m really positive and excited about Glass Stock. Four days of sharing, learning, exchanging experiences, classes and demos, bead swapping and gossiping. Fabulous!

I can’t even decide which of the classes and demos to book, there’s so much on offer that I’m interested in. Melanie Moertel’s class is a definite must for me. And I’m really keen to try my hands on the blown vessels, sculpturals in soft glass and watch the electroforming demo. That still leaves a couple of non-torching classes and demos to select. There’s so many different techniques to chose from, we’re spoilt for choice!

Now I just need to figure out how to be patient enough to wait for Labor weekend! My friend Lori will travel with me, which means even the 5 hour drive down to Eugene will be lots of fun.


3 responses to “Glass Stock West 2010 – Here I come

  1. Yeah, I'm so excited to be going too! We'll load up on lots of Diet Coke and sugary snacks we usually won't let our kids eat and we'll have TONS of energy for the road trip! LOL

  2. Judith, you will be fantastic teaching,and will have a great time. I can't wait to see what you come back with, I bet you will be so inspired!If you want to practice your demo after your Europe trip and before mine, call me. 🙂

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