Judith does (not?) do flowers

Everyone who knows me or followed my beads during the years knows that I don’t do flowers and don’t do cute. At least that was what I was convinced of :).

But being in a creative funk, I’m currently forcing myself to step a bit out of my comfort zone and try my hand at new things and challenges. As part of this strategy, I became a member of the Fire Divas, a wonderful supporting group of friends with a passion for creating lampwork beads.

One of the many great things that the Fire Divas do, is challenges. Members are given a theme and they come up with beads that showcast their skills and their personal interpretation of the theme. For May the challenge is “Flowers”. First I was going “uh oh … I’m NOT doing flowers”. But the longer I thought about it (thanks Lori for getting this thought process started), the more I was “oh well, why not? You’re in any way not having many ideas for pretty beads right now, why not take someone else’s idea and see where it takes you”.

So here I was, sitting at my torch and thinking about flowers and how they would fit into my own style of beads. And because I’m that crazy chick that practices hollows with Aurae silver glass, I started practicing flowers with Triton silver glass.

Here is my first, pretty sad and ridiculous attempt. I didn’t leave enough space for the petals, didn’t space the dots properly and worked it all too hot. Also I had no clue how to get nice petal dimples and used my razor tool, which wasn’t working that great.

I figured out that it would make more sense for a flowers beginner to start off with a larger bead, so I have more space to work with. This is the second bead, progress was made and you can actually see that this is supposed to be a flower ;):

Still nothing to write home about and after these two beads I was pretty discouraged and thought already about giving up this whole flower thing. But then my friend Lori Bergmann offered to show me some tips and tricks about how to make nice flowers. Thanks so much Lori!

That evening I was sitting down again and in fact, my flowers improved a lot. They are still far from perfect, not even really nice, but I feel that I’m not completely cluesless about it and might even get a hang of it at some point in the future. And as difficult as it is for me to admit it, I actually enjoy doing flowers and think they’re lots of fun šŸ™‚ LOL.

And who knows, you might even see some more flowers from me in the future, not only the one bead that I now submitted for the Fire Divas challenge. I so wanted to improve more, but the deadline is today, which means I have to make do with what I have right now.


7 responses to “Judith does (not?) do flowers

  1. Hey, that's not an all bad flower! But practicing with silver glass…whoa. You go girl – that's believing in the outcome. It's like “Built it and they will come” Bravo!

  2. Way to go, Judith! I think you're coming along just great! *Ɯ* Using the silver colors definitely helps your flowers not to be mistaken for the dreaded “cute”?! ;-D

  3. Thanks Sharon – yes, I am a bit crazy. Failure is not in my vocabulary, until everything turns to crap šŸ™‚ Thanks Lori – still not happy with the flowers, I definitely need more PPP. But at least I met the deadline with something ;). How about you, did you submit an entry with your fabulous flower beads? And thanks again for the lesson on flowers, it definitely shortened the learning curve.

  4. You are a brave woman, for posting your learning process (it gets discouraging for a newbie like me to see nothing but perfection), taking on a challenge, and, as you said, using silver glass. My hat's off to you. I think your work is fantastic!

  5. Carol … thanks so much for your nice words. I can see how it can be discouraging for newbies to see other people's beauties. But believe me, for every nice bead that I post somewhere, there are 5 or 6 of them that end up in my “rejects” bowl. They just never see the camera and studio lights :). Until some months ago I could get very discouraged when I checked out the Gallery page on Lampwork Etc. and eventually stopped going there most of the time. It can be quite frustrating to see all the perfection and beauty :). I also found that I get influenced if I look at amazing beads of other lampworkers. I'm so impressed with some of the beads there, when I sit at my torch that day, often I can't concentrate on what I want to do because a certain bead style doesn't go out of my head. It gets better as I do get better and start to feel more comfortable with what I'm doing. I still don't visit the Gallery too often :).

  6. You get much better with each bead,that should give you the desire to keep trying.This gives you another avenue to explore.What is it about flowers and girly things that you don't like?I don't either,I understood exactly how you might feel.And you are brave,stating that emotion for all to see.

  7. Gail, it's not that I don't appreciate somebody else doing flower beads or cute beads (in fact I LOVE LOVE LOVE some of the cute beads around, for example Gelly's piggies). I even buy cute beads for my kids and people ask why I don't make them myself. It's just something that I don't enjoy doing and have a hard time thinking of something unique. I just don't have a knack for it … like other beadmakers don't do organics or don't do silver glass. If you have a look at some of my latest beads, they are in fact very girly … very soft, powdery, feminine colors. Just in a different way girly šŸ™‚

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