Kommt ein Vogel geflogen …

Kommt ein Vogel geflogen,
Setzt sich nieder auf mein’ Fuß
Hat ein Zettel im Schnabel,
Von der Liebsten ein’ Gruß

This is the start of a well known German (Austrian?) children’s song. Translated it means something along the lines of:

A bird comes a-flying
It settles on my foot
It has a piece of paper in its beak,
A greeting from my beloved.

Above you see my first attempt at a sculptural bird as described in Mary Lockwood’s fabulous tutorial. There’s still a lot to refine obviously, especially the beak, wing tips and tail tips need much more work. Here’s another view, which makes the flaws more obvious:

I’ve owned this great tutorial already for a long time, but never got around using it. But now my friend Lori Bergmann started a new bead exchange named “Back to Nature” and in a moment of craziness (or maybe I had a Gin Tonic beforehand), I signed up.

So now I’m in the design phase for several “nature” themed beads and first up was a bird bead. I hope to refine the technique over the weekend, and hopefully I’ll be able to put my own spin onto the bird design … currently it still looks pretty much like the pour cousin of the Silver Bluebird from Mary’s tutorial :).

Keep your eyes peeled: I’m planning to blog about the progression of the design (and hopefully the progression of my skills)


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