Romantic hearts …. me? Seriously???

Here you see a typical example of my bead style: sleek, minimalistic, contemporary, colorful but never extremely ornate, flowery or (heaven forbids) romantic.

So what am I planning to do with the Harmonic Heart tutorial that I purchased from the fabulous, amazing Lydia Muell (Ashton Jewels)?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure yet. LOL. But I am very excited about it and read it already several times. Let me admit this: It’s so not “my” style! But Lydia is one of my lampwork heros. Her beads are superb works of art, and I could get lost for hours just exploring every little detail of her gorgeous beads.

Here is one of the hearts from the tutorial (pic courtesy of Lydia Muell):

I take this tutorial as a challenge and want to learn first the different techniques – who are so elaborate, I can’t imagine how long I need to even practice before attempting the first bead and how many hours it’ll take me to actually finish one of the three hearts described in her tutorial . No surprise that her beads are so outstanding, if you see how much preparation and detail works goes into each of them.

Once I’m more comfortable with the techniques, I hope I’ll be able to incorporate some of the elements in one or other form into my own beads. HOW I can do this, is at the moment still a complete mystery to me … it’s as if two parallel lampworking worlds are clashing and I just can’t imagine what the result will be. But exactly that is the absolutely exciting part that kept me awake for several hours last night 😉 :).


4 responses to “Romantic hearts …. me? Seriously???

  1. I can't wait to see them either! Come on… show us just a little one :)I have this tutorial too, but I haven't tried it yet. I really need to get to it!

  2. Lol – I would show them if I had something to show. So far I had only one hour that I could spare for practicing. And this one hour I tried one of the techniques from the tutorial (which was looking pretty easy) – but I failed. LOL. I really can't expect to master something complex like Lydia's beads in a matter of weeks I guess. Will keep you informed once I actually make some progress ;).

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