Overhauling my webpage

Just a fast update today. I didn’t make lots of beads this week … life was just too busy. Besides many other things going on, the main event was the 5th birthday of Charlotte, my oldest daughter . And I’m currently in the process of organizing her little birthday bash on Saturday (happy birthday little princess!). Plus there’s an overseas visitor arriving in 2 days, plus a weeding to attend to, plus a bead exchange deadline looming … plus plus plus … LOL, sounds pretty crazy if I write it down 🙂

I did however start to overhaul my webpage. If you want to have a peek at the “old” webpage, here is the link: http://www.icarusbeads.com

This old webpage is really just a web presence … more or less some picture galleries of “old” beads, an “About the artist” page and some links. I want to move this all to a new page, that’s more streamlined and that offers my own “shop” so that people can start buying beads and jewelry through my webpage.

While doing this overhaul, I also decided to register an additional domain name: JudithBillig.com
I talked with this about other artists and on the forum, and it just seems to be the way to go (better name recognition obviously).

That means in the future you’ll be able to access my webpage with new look & new functionality plus a fabulous online shop through both links: icarusbeads.com as well as judithbillig.com

Lots of work involved, but hopefully the work will pay off and I can offer a nicer webpage, easier to navigate and without having to go through Ebay or Etsy to buy my beads. For me it will have the advantage of lower fees (= lower end price for the customer) as well as a vastly improved CRM system. Yay!

Will let you know once the new page is up and running and I hope to get some feedback and suggestions. It’s pretty much still a work in progress and all feedback, ideas and thoughts are appreciated!


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