Clear as Glass?

I was seriously running low on clear glass … up to that point that I had nothing left to encase silver glass beads (I still have several pounds of Aether, but use it rarely to encase silver glass because of the changes in color).

So finally I bit the bullet and ordered more clear. Lots of it :).

My beloved Precision Diamond Clear is back on the market, and after so many lampworkers had trouble last year with cracking due to incompatibility, I thought I would never buy it again. But this is a reworked formula. I first didn’t want to try it until I got some positive reports back that the issue was in fact resolved. But the vendor had only 10 pounds of it, and noone else has it. So yes … I did it … ordered another pound of it, despite all the disappointment last year.

Additionally I ordered one pound of Kugler Crystal clear 104. I never tried it, but heard positive things about it on Lampwork Etc. The rods look fabulous and I can’t wait to try it!

And while I was at it, I also ordered a pound of Effetre Super Clear. That’s my “go to” clear for silver colors since Diamond Clear was no longer an option. I’m not 100% happy with it because a lot depends on the batch and also because it needs to be worked cooler to avoid scumming. But I like that silver glass doesn’t change colors and also that silver wire stays silver and doesn’t turn gold (which is sometimes a great effect, but most times I’d rather have the silver stay silver).

And because the lovely people at ABR Imagery realized how desperate I am for the perfect clear, they added a free sample of Hamon Encasement crystal clear.

So tonight I’m happy as, because there are many clear options in my glass rack. I’ll do some testing in the next couple of days, especially to see how the Diamond Clear behaves (fingers crossed that there are no cracks) and to get to know the new clears that I haven’t tested yet.

I will report back and also make some pictures to show the differences of the clear, and see how it reacts with silver glass and silver.


6 responses to “Clear as Glass?

  1. Holly, I know … it's the one thing that I really get worked up about. So many manufacturers produce high quality glass, they create the most amazing silver glass, and nobody can come up with one PERFECT clear?I also rely mostly on super clear. I loved Lauscha before I started using silver glass. But then I just had too many issues with cracking because I've adjusted my annealing temperature to work best with the silver glass … which means the temperature is too low for Lauscha and I had lots of problems with cracking. 😦

  2. Very intersting comments about the clear – I like the Moretti super clear as well. Waiting to hear your opinion on the new Diamond clear. Do you not like Aether? I've been thinking of trying the seconnds………

  3. Thanks Judith – I was wondering why the silvered glass looked so different – I have been using a lot of Aether seconds. I like how the glass works but I've never experimented much with the clears since I use so much opaque.

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