Retro Week: Inspiration from the Past

I received new silver glass colors from Double Helix … and some of them are variations of colors that were available before. The new OX-376 is for example very similar to the Lime Luster OX 327 that was available mid of last year. And the now “production line” glass Kalypso is an update to the odd lots KA-357 and KA-356 that I’ve been using since last year summer.

When I was uploading pictures onto my new webpage, I browsed through past designs and I was truly inspired from this. So many ideas were flooding through my mind just by looking at the “old” beads, and I declared this week is “Retro Week”.

My newest set “Fairy Crystals” uses the new OX and is an updated version to the Fairy Song nuggets of spring.

Retro Week set “Fairy Crystals”:
The new odd lot OX 376 raked with blue-green dichro stringer and complemented by encased spacers and OX 376 mini spacers.

Old set “Fairy Song”:
Lime Luster OX 327 raked with silver dichro stringer and complemented by Triton spacers

And the powdery and feminine “Ethereal Rose” is the continuation of a theme that I worked on last year which combines soft, powdery silver colors with the hard metallic shine of Aurae shards.

Retro Week set “Ethereal Rose”:
Ekho, decorated with clear dots, reduced and encased. Wrapped into Aurae shards.

Old set “Persian Nights”:
StrikingColor glass (without encasing), decorated with Aurae shards.

I will give you an update later this week to see how “Retro Week at Judith’s Studio” is progressing. Try it yourself: Pick some random bead sets from the past and see how they inspire you to give it a new twist … play with the combination of colors or shapes, with the accent glass colors or take it to a complete new level. And let me know how it goes!


2 responses to “Retro Week: Inspiration from the Past

  1. That's just what I did a couple of days ago! I couldn't think of what to make so I searched thru my old bead photos for inspiration. Sometimes I forget some of the cool glass combos I used in the past. It's a great way to break through a creative block.The beads in your post are stunning!!! Beautiful work!!

  2. I agree Karolen … I was so surprised to see some of the beads. I think I actually “forgot” that I made them, because at times I have so many inspirations, that I move from one theme to the next and from one design to a complete different design without exploring a topic in detail. And yes, it helps so much to go through old pictures to break through creative block. I was brimming with excitement when I browsed through the pics.

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