Tool Time: Lampworking How-To book

Lampworking newbies sometimes send me emails with questions or ask for recommendations. They’re enthusiastic and hungry to learn everything about lampworking, the studio setup, tools, glass colors or certain techniques! It always reminds me of the time when I started with lampworking. I wanted to know everything, and as soon as possible LOL.

To cover some of the questions that people ask me, I would like to start a new series called “Tool Time”. Every Monday I will share with my readers some of the tools, glass colors, tips, books or techniques that I recommend and just can’t live without (or so I think). I hope, you will enjoy the Tool Time posts and I would love to encourage your feedback and comments. Also feel free to ask me right here on the blog!

Triggered was this idea by a question that I was asked yesterday. A lampworker just discovered this as her new hobby, and wanted to know which book I would recommend as the best Lampworking How-To book. It took me about 1.6 seconds to reply: Corina Tettinger’s “Passing the Flame”.

This wonderful book was the first lampworking book that I bought, even before lighting the torch for the first time. And even today, I still get it out sometimes to get some inspiration, look up a certain detail or just for nostalgic reasons :).

This book is like the bible of lampworking, especially for beginners. It covers not only in detail security questions, the studio set up and tools. It really goes into details that every beginner is keen to learn, but might be a bit intimidated to ask. For example how to light the torch properly, how to regulate the torch to create a reducing or oxidizing flame, how to pull stringers, how to make the first round bead etc.

The biggest part of the book is covering the most common lampworking techniques. They’re all explained in easy to follow step-by-step instructions, beautifully photographed with additional “excursions” that go deeper into the technique and even show detailed instruction for some of Corina’s signature beads.

This book is really like opening a treasure box. With every page you can learn something new! I myself believe that I passed the “newbie” phase, and therefor I sold most of my starting lampworking books some time ago. However, I don’t think I would ever consider selling “Passing the Flame”, because it goes way beyond a beginner book.

You can find the book either with some of the glass vendors, for example Frantz Art Glass or on Amazon (and other book stores). If you’re lucky, you can even find a used version at a reduced price in the Garage Sale section of Lampwork Etc. (my favorite lampworking forum … but more about this in a few weeks here on Tool Time).


2 responses to “Tool Time: Lampworking How-To book

  1. I LOVE this book and I still read it from time to time just for the fun and pleasure (or when I simply forget how something is done). Not only is it packed with information in a very comprehensible way. Corinna is a very funny person too and makes me laugh in every page.This is the firskt bokk I recommend to everyone who asks!

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