Color trends Spring 2011 in glass – part 1

Color Trends Spring 2011! Did I say 2011? I know , it’s not even winter yet, and here I am talking about Spring trends. But designers think ahead – not only fashion designers, also jewelry designers. And we lampworker keep up with the trends too, so that we can provide beads that match the newest color trends. So please, don’t shoot the messenger for talking already now about Spring 2011 🙂

Here we go, these are Pantone’s predictions for the Top 10 colors for Spring 2011 Women’s Fashion:

Looks like we’re in for a bright and pretty feminine color palette next spring. Let’s break them down and I’ll try to find some matching COE 104 colors.


Yes, let’s start with the most difficult one right away. Pinks and hot pinks are very difficult to match. I hope I found a couple of colors that work well .

I think Effetre Dark Pink Alabaster (591380) could be a good option.

Another option is one of the Reichenbach colors. Let’s see.

How about Reichenbach Pearl Pink? It’s the pink here in these beads, and this glass has a great shampoo effect.

Coral Rose

Just mentioning the color “Coral” to a lampworker can cause a controversy LOL. There are so many Corals out there, it’s not even funny anymore! And to find one that matches this Pantone color perfectly, could keep me seriously busy until Spring. So here are just two suggestions.

First picture shows Effetre Coral Sunburst Special (591420-SB). The upper row of beads is self colored, lower row is dusted with gold Mica powder.

Another idea is Effetre Coral Peach Persimmon Special (591420-PP ).

Thinking about it, Effetre Candy Corn Odd (791803) would be a good fit too.
I did use it in the set on the left and loved that color a lot, especially because of the striations.


Now, this Pantone color doesn’t really look pea green to me. What do you think? Doesn’t it look more sea foam than pea green? My first suggestion is CIM Celadon. Definitely in the right color family, and I think it works a bit lighter than the example shows.

Or how about Lauscha Green Apple Green Opaque (which is actually not quite as pale pea green as the example picture on the left displays)?

Maybe not quite right. But I think 591213 Effetre Grasshopper could be a great fit.


Now that’s an interesting color. Most probably not a great fashion color for my own skin & hair type – I look definitely sickly if I wear a color like this. But darker types might really enjoy Beeswax as a fashion color, who knows?

I have to search a bit around in my stash and in the color databases for this color, because I don’t tend to use yellow in lampworking. It’s my least favorite color.

Effetre has a yellow which could work: 1414 Butternut. (pic on the left). It’s an opaque yellow with slight orange/coral tint. I found it to be not quite as dark as the paddle shows.

And one of the many CIM Pumpkin unique colors should work well too. Here is a paddle for 511223-2. Looks about right, or what do you think?

Silver Peony

Last one for today. A very pretty, powdery pink and there are heaps of colors out there that would work well and some come pretty close to the Pantone color.

First off, on the left there’s CIM Chai Unique 511765-3. Isn’t this a super pretty color? Maybe not even pale enough to match Silver Peony.

I think CIM Butter Pecan works well too (see pic on the right). Even though I believe, in real life it’s a bit more peach than the paddle in this picture.

I also thought about Effetre Silver Pink Premium, but while the paddle looks great on the computer screen, in real life, when worked, I think Silver Pink is too close to a flesh color than a light pink.

But Effetre Light Bubblegum Pink could work well. Let’s see, here is an example of etched Bubblegum Pink spacers. Maybe a bit too blue-ish?

That’s all for today – I will work through the next 5 colors tomorrow. Let me know, what you think about the Spring 2011 colors. I am looking forward to your feedback and if you have some suggestions for other colors, that I overlooked, please post them here!


7 responses to “Color trends Spring 2011 in glass – part 1

  1. That's great Judith!If I have the problem that I don't have the color I want I put a transparent color over the opak color. And I always do it with orange. I take light or medium topas on the orange I choose. Then it becomes a warm and brilliant orange which is not screaming. Hugs from Germany, Iris

  2. Paula – hope you don't mind me using the picture? I completely forgot to get your consent. Sorry about that, it was on my “to do” list. I would love to hear if you have some Lauschas to add to my summary of spring colors – I have to admit I don't know all of their colors. Too much glass, too little time!

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