Name the bead series – contest!

Free Bead Giveaway!

I really enjoy naming my Lampwork beads, but this time I’m looking for your suggestions to name this new series. Have fun finding a matching name in this contest – plus if you win, you get a great price! Win this focal lampwork bead:

Mystery Focal - Cherry Blush

This series is a new interpretation of a 2009 design and the beads are made in a soft, natural color palette, using colors like Sandstone, Desert Pink, Caramel or Linen. I offer them in several styles, for example with raised details or fine silver decoration.

The naming contest submission starts now and expires Thursday, Nov 4th 2010, at 11:59 pm. There is no limit of how many names you can submit. I’m looking for an overall name for the series, that is flexible enough so that it can be easily adapted to name the specific bead sets and focal beads within this series.

Please send an email to with your suggestion(s).If there is more than one person with the same winning name suggestion, the person who emails the name first will be the one that wins. The winner will be announced on Friday!

And here are examples of the beads in this new series:

Mystery – Caramel (9)
Mystery – Lagoon (9)
Mystery – Powder Pink (9)
Mystery Focal – Caramel (3)
Mystery Focal – Lagoon (3)
Mystery Focal – Powder Pink (3)

Although it will be a few days before the beads get their rightful name, they will still be available for purchase during the contest. If you want to see more pics or order some of the beads, either click on the pictures of follow this link.

Have fun with the naming contest and good luck for the giveaway!


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