Color trends Spring 2011 in glass – part 2

Here’s the second part of my attempt to translate the Pantone Color Trends Spring 2011 into COE 104 glass colors. If you haven’t seen part 1, you can find it here.

As a reminder, here’s the whole Pantone palette, and today I’m tackling the second row:

Russet Let’s start with Russet, a chocolaty brown. I always have problems to find a nice COE 104 brown, I feel most of them are too reddish or too dark. I just had a look in my stash … not surprisingly I haven’t found anything brown at all LOL. Brown is next to yellow another of the colors that I don’t use normally.

My first suggestion is 591444 Effetre Light Brown Special, but I suspect it has a too reddish undertone.

The left picture shows 591448 Effetre Dark Brown Special, which is a tad too dark, but could work well in the same color palette.

Another option is Lauscha Cocoa, which is a lovely chocolate brown in real life, but the paddle on their webpage is much darker than what I experienced with this color.

As always, I’m a bit frustrated with the brown glass colors, so let’s move on to something much more pleasant 😉


Great color – like a sky blue. First thing that comes to my mind is CIM Pulsar. It’s a transparent and such a pretty color, even though I tend to work it too hot and burn it.

CIM Smurfy would be a great opaque choice. Love that color, even though I’m a bit disturbed by the name LOL.

I actually think ASK Bahama Blue looks even better. Smurfy might be a bit too turquoise. On the right you can see the ASK Bahama blue paddle. Great color, but I have to admit I haven’t tried it yet. It is hard to get, as so many of the ASK colors. But you might get lucky with a vendor selling off their last rods or with another lampworker selling off their stash.

Blue Curacao

Wow, we’re having quite a few gem and water colors next year. This goes definitely into the turquoise-teal direction, and there is a huge selection available that would work well for the Pantone color.

First thing coming to my mind is Effetre light turquoise alabaster (right). Such a dreamy color!

Effetre Light Aqua is looking great on the paddly – however, I think in real life this color is much more blue than the example. Iris suggested yesterday to layer transparent colors with a different colored core, and I think the light aqua could work well if combined with a teal core.

The longer I think about it, the more I’m convinced that I would have a much larger selection of COE 90 and COE 96 in this color. I guess some testing is in order 🙂


Oh lavender – how I love you and at the same time hate you. LOL. I find it’s always difficult to find just the perfect lavender … not too blue, not too purple. And if you found one, it’s difficult to make pictures of and nearly always looks blue! 😉
Pantone’s lavender color looks more periwinkle to me, what do you think? So let’s see what we have that could fit.

CIM Heffalump is a very pretty lavender, and when worked right the color is so pretty and fabulous. It tends to wash out, but I found that depends on the batch and how you work it. Lately I had very good success to retain a fabulous lavender hue.

My current favorite lavender color is 591226 Effetre Alexandrite Pastel (left). It has fabulous striations and such a pretty, feminine lavender color.

And then there’s a more conservative lavender pick, 591221 Effetre Lavender (right pic). In my opinion a bit too dark and blue/purple-ish though to be a good fit for the Pantone Lavender hue.

Last but not least, a lovely neutral grey: Silver Cloud

Many glass color greys have undertones of either green or brown, and it can be tricky to find a clean, crisp, neutral grey. One of my favorite grays is Lauscha Smoke Gray transparent. But it’s not a good match here, because it also has a slightly green hint in it.

I think the good old 591048 Effetre Gray Transparent (left), layered over white, would work well. It does look a bit brownish in the paddle pic, but when worked as a bead, it doesn’t have a brown tint to it.

For an opaque version, 591268 Effetre Pearl Gray (right) is a good contender.

And on the left a last pic of a color that I haven’t tried yet, 791969 Vetrofond Light Pearl Gray Odd. It might have a bit of a green tint, it’s difficult to see just from that photo. But it looks like a very pretty gray on the pic and I definitely want to try it.

That’s for a roundup of the Pantone Spring preview! I see that there are quite a few colors that I need to try and want to add to my next glass order. But staying in touch with upcoming trends sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it? 😉 🙂


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