Lots of new big hole beads!

My mum (who’s always great in finding out mistakes or shortcomings LOL) realized that the big hole bead section of my webpage was a big gaping … nothing.
Completely empty!

Something had to be done fast, and I dedicated yesterday night’s torching session to big hole beads.

So today, after enjoying the beautiful sunny autumn day with my kids on the playground, I sat down and uploaded heaps and heaps of new big hole beads onto my webpage.

Go and check them out!

And they’re fabulous instant gifts for the holidays! Just add a silver chain, leather cord or silk ribbon … voila … a unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade gift!

Thanks for looking! I’m off now to the torch to make some more focals … how about crunchies (kaleras) instead of my favorite shape, the lentil.

PS: And if you admire the beautiful stamped and textured bead caps, they’re made by my friend Ann Chambers (who is also selling these).


One response to “Lots of new big hole beads!

  1. Thanks Judith! I'm going to send you some new bead cap samples this week, to see what you think of them.And as always beautiful beads… I need to just set a automatic “Like” button on Facebook to go with all your bead photos you post because there is never a set that I don't think is beautiful.

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