Useful Links: Etsy Profit Calculator

Are you calculating your profit with every Etsy sale? If you’re anything like me, than you’re using the “quick guesstimate” method. I was planning already for quite a while to create a simple Excel spread sheet – and for exactly the same time it’s lingering somewhere at the bottom of my To-Do list. But that’s about as far as I got :).

So here’s a fast way to take the guesswork out of your Etsy profit calculation. A friend just forwarded me a link to Ryan Olbe’s Etsy & Paypal Fee Calculator. This little tool makes it really easy to calculate your profits after Etsy and Paypal fees.

(click on pic to zoom)

Plus you can even do a reverse calculation and enter the amount you want to achieve after fees. Press a button, and voila: the calculator tells you for how much you should list your item.

Great little tool and well worth bookmarking!


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