Falling for Neutrals

I’m all about color … my usual glass choices are all pretty strong and vibrant: the fabulous rainbow-colored Raku and Strikingcolor range, Fire Lotus, intense blues of Triton, turquoise Gaia or girly pinks of Clio and Kalypso.

But in the last few weeks I’ve been exploring a muted, subtle color range as you find them in nature: rocks, stones, granite, bamboo, linen and sand colors are dominating my current bead styles.

Here are examples of my inspiration, and the results are beads in a soothing, calm color palette. Very Zen-like!

Serenity and tranquility is what I’m longing for, which could explain my current infatuation with nature and natural colors.

Another topic I’m drawn too right now is winter. Icy, cool pastel colors as you find them in glaciers, icicles and snow crystals are bringing me lots of inspiration and ideas for wintery bead styles.


3 responses to “Falling for Neutrals

  1. Thanks Iris. Yes, it's a very calm, organic style. And while it is quite different from what I made in the last 1.5 years, it really goes back to my roots – before I discovered silver glass and it's amazing vibrant colors.

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