Treasure Tuesday: Animals

Today (and from now on every Tuesday) I would love to feature some gorgeous beads made by the talented artists in the Fire Divas* group. This week’s selection is all about “animal” beads.

Let’s start with these fabulous Tiger Stripes Beads by Lori Bergmann. Reminds me of my honeymoon in Africa.
What do you say? Tigers? In Africa?

LOL! Obviously we didn’t see any Tigers there. But the whole Safari theme that Lori has going on right now in her Etsy shop definitely brings back great memories!

And while we’re talking about cats: I love cats! Wild cats, tame cats, big cats, small cats. Love them all! I think I would have many more of them (we have only one, our fabulous big and cuddly Tiger), if it wasn’t for our old dog Pasta.

Here is Scroll Ivy Kitty, a super cute cat bead by Eileen (Dorset Hill Beads).

Ivy is not only elegant and beautiful.
She’s also cuteness pure!

Did someone say cute?
Oh yes … and one is for sure: there’s much more cuteness on the way!

This charming Periwinkle Sheep bead is made by the master of cute critters and whimsical animal beads herself, Lauren of Maybeads.

We’re moving now swiftly from cute to colorful!

Check out this Blue and green fish by Laurie of Glassbead. Laurie loves to create fish beads, and you can find many different colors of them in her Etsy shop!

This one on the left was made with dark blue glass, silver foil, clear, blue and green. So vibrant colors!

The last beads in today’s Treasure Tuesday collection are made by Lara Lutrick.

These Autumn Birds are just fabulous!
I love them especially because they’re cute yet modern at the same time.

These particular birds are big hole beads in a great range of fall colors. They fit European charm bracelets, and would make a wonderful gift.

Don’t forget to check out my next “Treasure Tuesday” with more gorgeous lampwork beads by our Fire Divas*!

*Want to know more about the Fire Divas?
We are a group of glass bead artisans promoting the use of artisan made lampwork beads. We believe that, by promoting one another’s work, we all benefit.
Click here to see our Facebook Fan Page
And click here to visit our blog and to check out our latest work, Bead of the Day and gossip!


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