Inspiration strikes unexpected

Maybe you know through my FB updates that I’m currently preparing lots of items for the annual Christmas Market at our girl’s preschool. Normally I sell my lampwork beads just like that and rarely make jewelry anymore, but for this event I committed to prepare a table with finished items.

Mostly these will be in the lower price range: key chains, cellphone lariats, simple bracelets and big hole beads. Maybe also the occasional necklace and vintage key pendant. I had in my mind pretty much laid out, which designs and styles I want to offer.

But then I was catching up with blogs of fellow jewelry makers, lampworkers and crafters over on The Hive. It was this post by Christine & Co. and her beautiful work that got my creative juices flowing into an unexpected direction.

Charm Pendants! I’ve always been a sucker for charms and most of my bracelet designs are asymmetrical charm bracelets. I’m completely surprised that I never thought about making charm pendants!

So these are the four pendants that I made for the Christmas market with some of my orphan beads (click on pics for larger view). They’re pretty large and look best worn on a fairly long chain or lariat style.

I want to offer the buyers a mix & match option. They can either buy only the pendant, or mix it up and purchase the matching chains, silk ribbons or leather cords.

The black/red pendant is already strung on a chain for illustrative purposes. As with all of these pendants, the focal bead is pretty substantial – in this case a one inch spree lentil.

I’m not totally happy with this last pendant. I think it does look a bit too busy with too many different colors. What do you think – shall I get rid of the charm on the left with two lampwork beads, one lavender shimmer, one etched purple/silver ?

Any feedback is appreciated!


5 responses to “Inspiration strikes unexpected

  1. Ya, that would look nice. Maybe more the charm on the right, with the blue crystal, to the left. Just an idea. Very nice work, though!Someday I will buy some of your beads. They always take my breath away! Once I get the business and web page up and running; after the new year!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Diane. I will give it a go tomorrow and change the charms a bit around. Good idea to move the one charm to the other side (mind you, if the pendant is worn it moves in any way a bit around and doesn't lay flat like this).Thanks for the nice words about my beads :). Do you sell on Etsy? It's a fast way to set up a shop without having to create a whole webpage.

  3. Lovely Judith!. I've been making and selling 'dangles' for years now and they are very popular – also great ways to use up my orphans!

  4. I did make some dangles with bracelets and even with pendants when I'm doing lampworked vintage skeleton keys. Always loved the look. LOL, I just never took it a step further (or back) and didn't realize that this would look great with orphan beads too.

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