Useful Links: Etsy Hacks

If you have an Etsy store and list frequently your articles, you know that the Etsy user interface can be a real pain in the … (you know what). It’s cumbersome and complicated and with every listing you have to go through all the screens and enter all fields again. So frustrating!

But … if you use Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, the little tools on the Greasemonkey website can help you to run your business more efficiently! You can for example download a tool that enables you to copy existing listings (either from the article description or from your “My Etsy” screen), so that you can use them as templates for new articles. Yay! That is the one Greasemonkey script that I use the most and it makes such a difference in my seller experience with Etsy.

To use the Greasemonkey tools, you first need to install Greasemonkey itself. Open this link in your Firefox browser and push the green “Add to Firefox” button.
Wait for the little window to open and click “Install Now”
Once another window opens, restart Firefox to complete the changes.

Now you are ready to install the individual scripts that help with your recurring tasks in your Etsy shop. Go to this page to find a list of all the Etsy scripts available. Click on the headers if you want to get more information about the script and see screen prints about how the script affects your Etsy shop.

Select the script you’re interested in and press theInstall button.
Once a little window opens, click “Install”.

If you don’t want to install all of the tools right away, here are my suggestions for instant time savings:

“copy listing” Quickly create a new listing based on an existing one. (all fields are copied except for the pictures)
“edit this item” Adds “edit item” and “delete item” links to the View Listing page when viewing an item in your shop.
“relist item” Adds a “relist item” link next to each transaction on the Sold Orders page.
“fast tagger” Add all your listing’s tags at once
“bulk image uploader”
Upload up to five images at once when editing a listing
“section counter” Looks for uncategorised listings in your “Sections” page.

After installing your Greasemonkey tools, restart Etsy and enjoy the additional tools!


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