Tool Time: Cracking Bead Release?

Today’s Tool Time will be pretty short – in fact, it’s only a really fast tip that I want to share. I’m sick and I feel cold & miserable and I’m happy to be alive, so don’t complain *grin*.

Do you wonder why your bead release is suddenly breaking more frequently? Maybe it started just a couple of weeks ago, once the cold temperatures arrived?

My tip:
Dip & dry your mandrels in the house, not in your cold studio!
If you dry your bead release in the cold studio, the steel of the mandrels is cold and contracts, even if it is just a tiny fraction of a mm. Once you put the mandrel into the flame, the steel gets warm and extends, which can lead to the bead release breaking!

However, if you dip & dry your mandrels in the warmth of your house, the steel doesn’t get as cold and doesn’t contract as much while the release dries.

See you back next week with a “regular version” of Tool Time – if I ever get rid of this cold :).


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