Icicles – Revisiting the Stalactites

Remember by stalactite and dew drops beads from earlier this year? Well I revisited the stalactite and put a new spin on it. I am still very much inspired by winter and I had icicles in mind, but didn’t want to be too literal. So this is a more abstract version of icicles.

Modern shape, and pure simplicity in design. I didn’t want to mess around with it and keep the emphasis on the sleek shape. So no decoration, no color, just clear frosted glass.

Now I can’t decide whether I should list it on my webpage, Etsy, or Ebay. I haven’t listed on Ebay anything for several weeks because it is frustrating if you feel like you’re giving away your beads for next to nothing. But then I think the set would appeal most probably more to Ebay buyers. What do you think?


5 responses to “Icicles – Revisiting the Stalactites

  1. I think you should stick to your webpage, or Etsy. You should not give away your beads for next to nothing! They are beautiful, & worth the money you are charging! Do not cut yourself short!

  2. Thanks Guido (liebe Gruesse in die Schweiz) & Diane. Diane – the thing with Ebay it's either a curse or a blessing. I might give them away for $2 a bead or if I find just 2 good bidders that really fall in love with them, they could sell for $7 a bead … you just never know. For the buyer a thrill, for the seller a gamble.

  3. Iris, sorry I deleted your comment by accident. formartis – Iris Schäfer has left a new comment on your post “Icicles – Revisiting the Stalactites”: Judith, this set is really amazing. Warum setzt Du keinen Mindestpreis bei Ebay ein?Greets and XXX from Germany, Iris

  4. Iris, the problem with the lowest bidding price is that it would have to be really low to attract bidders that look out for a bargain. But I don't want to sell them as a bargain. I think with this one it's best I set a price (I listed it on my webpage and Etsy now) and just wait till the one person comes along that falls in love with them. I still might list them on Ebay if they don't sell within a few weeks (with a high starting price). Just to test the waters 😉 Can't believe how much Ebay has gone down since June this year – it's nearly dead as a selling venue unless you give away your stuff way below the value.

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