Sedona – how did I miss it?

I bought half a pound of Sedona glass AGES ago. Stashed it into my glass storage, as you do. And completely forgot it. For months. Here and there I read about Sedona on Lampwork Etc. and that people have trouble with the devitrification, that they love it or hate it.

Yesterday night, for no reasons, I pulled it out of the storage and made these two sets with it. And OMG (!) – I love it. Why don’t I see more beads with this glass? It’s just absolutely gorgeous. Great color range, all from the same rod of glass. You can get everything from a velvety, intense purple (like EDP) to lavender, violet, rust, peach, cinnamon, pink. Yummy!

Yes, there is some devitrification happening if you don’t pay close attention. In the flame it behaves very similar to EDP – maybe the whole glass was an accident that happened when they’re planning to produce a batch of EDP, especially if you see how the purple is nearly identical to the EDP purple.

I etched this set to see how that looks … and as I expected, it’s gorgeous! Awww, can you guess that I’m in love with this glass?

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