First results of yesterday’s challenge

Just a fast post & run. Here are the result pictures of yesterday night’s Facebook fan challenge!

Latin Love, a theme suggested by Bernice:

This is a very unusual style and color combination for me. But I actually enjoyed this theme so much that I made another set of ribbed spheres today in the same colors :). Who knew I would fall in love with primary colors? That’s why I love these challenges – you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone and discover some new ideas that you haven’t contemplated yet.

Rainy Days/Stormy Nights, a theme suggested by Cynthia:

Here I took the theme and applied it to one of my current styles (powdery neutrals with silvered shards and etching). I used a pearl gray to represent the rainy days, decorated with transparent violet for the stormy nights and wrapped the bead into silvered shard in a mix of ivory, blue and gray (representing clouds). Great challenge! 🙂

Thanks so much to everybody participating. That was so much fun. And I’ll further work down the list of suggestions and post the results in the upcoming days.

PS. These are available on my webpage or just click on the pictures 🙂


6 responses to “First results of yesterday’s challenge

  1. It would be a real challenge for me to make the Latin Love beads. Rainy Day/Stormy Nights would be easier. I've tried etching with silvered glass shards but the shards turned black. What's your secret?

  2. Bob – most probably you added too much silver to the shards, especially if you used silvered ivory. A little goes a really long way, as I found out the hard way too. Also in my experience silver leaf (thinner) works better than silver foil (thicker).

  3. Judith,Latin Love is a very bright and hot set!Unfortunately I don't have any time these days but I will try this theme too as soon as possible. It's funny to see what comes out if different people work on the same theme.XXX from Germany, Iris

  4. Judith, I like both sets, the latin love gives me some warm summer feeling in these cold days, and rainy days, stormy nights I like the way the beads look like.Hugs from Switzerland

  5. My eyes were drawn to the Latin Love set (on the FD blog roll) because of the bright colors. I LOVE it! It's fun to get out of your comfort zone, isn't it? You just have to get past that feeling of “what am I doing?” and then it's all good. You did an amazing job on both – the second set is just plain gorgeous.

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