Time again for a little challenge

I’m always splitting my torch time into custom orders from my order book and new beads. I learned, that’s the best way that I can work. If I only make custom orders, my creativity doesn’t have an outlet and I feel a bit (sometimes quite a bit) frustrated at the end of the torching session. But of course I can’t only make new sets, even though that’s what I really love to do. So this is a compromise that seems to work well for me.

Today I felt up for a challenge, and asked on my Facebook fan page for themes to work with. I got some really interesting suggestions:

  • Peace
  • Latin Lover
  • Rainy Days/Stormy Nights
  • Waves
  • Essence of Seattle
  • Animal Prints
For some reason (maybe because I’m still suffering from a cold and dream about being somewhere where it’s hot and tropical) I got especially curious about the “Latin Lover”.

This theme inspired me to make a set of large spheres in a very untypical style and color combination (well, for me at least).

I had a bit more time left after the “Latin Lover” set and selected the “Rainy Days/Stormy Nights” theme to make a set of lentils.

New color combination of Pearl Grey and Violet, but a style that followers of this blog might know already from my “Glacier” series.

Thanks all for your suggestions – I got really challenged to try something new and had a blast :). I’ll post result pictures tomorrow afternoon and work on more of the themes on this list during this week.


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