Tool Time: Affordable Allround Tools

Today I would love to show you some really versatile and affordable tools that I use on a daily basis.

These tools are coming as a 3-piece-set and are originally sold as “Cheese Knifes”. But for me they’re lampwork marvers, pokers, razors, shapers, spatulas, knifes and picks. The knifes are sturdy, made with stainless steel blades and are extremely affordable: under $10 for the 3-piece-set at Amazon or in the kitchen section at Costplus World Market).

They’re also extremely versatile. I not only use them as a marver substitute to shape the glass – I create cuts like with a razor (for example in Michael Barley style Baleen beads), poke holes and plunge dots with the very sharp tip, push the glass around, drag lines, cut creases on the outside of crunched focals, remove sticky labels on glass rods etc. etc.

The applications are endless – and at that price, they make great stocking stuffers for your lampworking friends (or yourself).


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