Pixie Dust – revisited. And CIM Cirrus

In Spring of this year I had a real infatuation with pixie dust. I made so many beads in my “Frosted” and “Silk” series that I got kind of tired of it. I still offered shimmer spacers made to order, but didn’t want to make any larger sets anymore.

Well, the glass Muse is sometimes unpredictable. Two days ago, out of the blue, she decided to give me back my passion for pixie dust. And here are some of the beads that I created in the last two days in my new “Satin” series!

I worked with pearl pixie dust, and my own mix of metallic blue-purple. To add a twist to some of the beads, I also applied fine silver wire, that melts to tiny little silver droplets. Others I textured with the fabulous cgbeads bead rollers.

And while I’m in the process of revisiting, I”m selling these beads on Ebay. I didn’t list there for quite a while, but I think I might give it another try. Click here to see my listings.

Oh, and just for a change (you can’t do only pixie dust, right?), I used for the first time CIM Cirrus. It’s a glass which turns a bit milky the longer you work it and resembles moonstones. In these beads (called Moonstone Opals) I encased multicolored dichroic glass with Cirrus:


6 responses to “Pixie Dust – revisited. And CIM Cirrus

  1. Hi Judith, oh yes, I LOVE the Moonstone Opals and I'm really not astonished that someone bought them as soon as they are on the Bay … and I really love the pixie dust beads too. I should also take it out of my drawer!Wish you a happy New Year and fortune and healthiness in 2011,Iris

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