Blue Ice

As you might know, I’m a member of the Fire Divas, a fabulous group of networking lampworkers. We’re having a new Bead Challenge within the Fire Divas team for February. It’s called “Ice, ice baby”.

If you’ve been following this blog (or my Facebook fan page) already for a few months, then you know that this challenge “speaks to me”. In recent months I drew lots of inspiration from ice, glaciers, icicles and winter.

For this challenge I re-interpreted my “icicles” series from early winter. This time I took the icicle shape really literal – instead of abstracting it into a modern, sleek shape, I shaped the beads to look like real-live icicles.

Here’s the result of my challenge beads: “Blue Ice”

Here is a closeup of the icicle beads:

I made also a couple of other bead sets inspired by this challenge, but will not submit them (because I can only submit 1 entry). These ones are listed on my webpage for sale.

Would love to hear your feedback. Do you think I selected the right beads for the challenge? Or should I have gone with the Fairy Ice Cubes instead (my favorite)?

If you want to learn more about the Fire Divas and their glassy beauties, check out our Facebook page or the Fire Divas blog!


7 responses to “Blue Ice

  1. Thanks Daniela & Lara for the nice comments! Lara – LOL, just wait for what the others are coming up with. I'm sure there will be great entries. (I just hope it's gonna happen at all in the light of all the things that happened in the last couple of days).

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