Useful Links: Craftopolis

If you are selling your art & craft items through Etsy, you know most probably how time consuming it can be to do bulk updates to your Etsy listing.

  • Ever been frustrated because you wanted to decrease or increase all of your Etsy prices by a certain percentage?
  • Or struggled through updating the quantity of several of your articles?
  • Or fought through all the Etsy screens because you wanted to adjust multiple titel to add “Sale” or “Valentine Special”?

If you want an easy way to change prices, title or quantities on Etsy, then this useful link can help you:

Just go to the “Edit Express” tab, enter your Etsy name and import your Etsy articles. Now you can quickly change all or certain article prices – either by dollar amount or percentage. Once finished, click “Save Changes”. That’s it!

Or how about changing titles? Just select in the drop-down-menu “titel” and you can easily alter several titles or if you want too, all of them.

You can even change descriptions or quantities … easy peasy, and there are no downloads of “hacks” or additional software required.

Wishing you all a great start into your weekend 🙂


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