Introducing new “Sparkle Opal” and “Marble” beads

Sparkle, Color, Shimmer!
What’s not to love about this new series of lampwork beads?

I’m really excited to introduce the new “Sparkle Opal” beads, featuring a lovely, opalescent silver glass shimmer and sparkly dichro glitter.
With their modern sleek barrel shape and available in several trendy colors, they are an ideal starting point for your new fresh Spring and Summer designs.

Currently available in “Spring”, “Passion” and “Fresh” colors (more colors available in the next few days).

Also new this week is the “Marble” series in many colors. For this new budget-friendly bead series I used a mix of complementing transparent and opaque color to create marble-like effects. These beads are currently available in a crunched kalera shape (ideal for bracelets and watch bands) and in round spheres. Great to mix & match!
If you have specific color requests, please let me know 🙂

I’m planning to add more colors to both of these new bead designs in the next few days. So check in again, if your favorite color isn’t listed yet.

Available on my webpage and in my Etsy shop.


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