A different kind of Aqua

Last Monday I went with my friend and fellow beadmaker Lori Bergmann to Olympic Color Rods in Seattle. I was originally only on the search for a certain blue tone, similar to CIM Sapphire. But we all know how it goes when you’re passionate about glass and color and someone lets you lose in a shop full of gorgeous glass!

I came home with a big box of fabulous new colors … and some of them are truly remarkable.

Just have a look at these beads, made with the gorgeous RL-4015-C Aqua (left self colored, right self colored and etched).

Aqua you say? Yes! Definitely a different shade of Aqua than what I’m used to with Vetrofond, Effetre or CIM. If you just had shown me the rod, I would rather classify it as light tea green, or very pale grayish-emerald green, or a light version of CIM Appletini. But I don’t want to complain, this is definitely a fabulous glass, and thanks goodness very different from the “usual” Aqua colors. Here is a picture of some other Aquas for comparison:

From top to bottom:
Vetrofond Sapphire Blue Streaky (geez, I didn’t even know I had that color!)
Vetrofond Dark Aqua
Effetre Dark Aqua
Effetre Light Aquamarine
Reichenbach Aqua

And here is a new bead set, “Rain Forest”, which uses the Reichenbach Aqua as a base color:

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the new color is COE 104! The only glass that I picked up in 104, and I’m so happy that I gave it a try.


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