Short Attention Span … results

So I’ve been having a bit of a short attention span this week. At the torch. Which means I am getting bored fairly soon with an idea and want to start something new right away.

Here you can see a collage of the results of two torching sessions (Monday and Tuesday) with a lack of attention span:

LOL … as you can see, I’m all over the place. Shards, frits, silver color, crystals, crunches (because they go fast!), spheres, encased, sprinkled, etched, raked, COE 96 and COE 104 (of course not on the same beads), spring colors, summer hues and fall colors.

I was all over the place!
Big advantage for the buyers: smaller sets = budget friendly prices 🙂
And with such a variety, there’s something in this picture for everybody.

If you like them, head over to my webpage or if you prefer Etsy and check out my new sets.

And here’s a larger picture to see more of the different beads that I made:

Have a beautiful evening,


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