Lampwork Rings – sneak preview!

Lately I started wearing big cocktail rings. It’s not only that I like them – oh no! I have to admit that rings are my new obsession. Big rings, bold rings, romantic rings, ultra modern rings. Love them all 🙂

My passion for making lampwork beads and my newly discovered love for cocktail rings naturally made me wonder how I can combine those two things. There were in the past already some options available to add your lampwork beads to a ring, but none of the systems really worked with the designs that I have in mind.

But now there is a new system of ring bases available, and this look really appeals to me. Just what I was after!
It took me a little while to find all the right supplies and get started on this, but here is for the readers of my blog (and my Facebook/The Hive friends) the first sneak preview to my newest project: lampworked rings.

And the best of it? The lampworked ring tops are interchangeable.
Get one, get two or even more tops to mix & match with your daily mood or wardrobe!
The lampworked tops simply screw off … and back on. Easy, right?
That was exactly what I was looking for, and I have so many designs in my head that I want to do with these ring bases that I can’t wait for the weekend to come around which will give me a bit more torch time.

Let me know – are you someone that changes their jewelry with their wardrobe, like me?
Or do you have your preferred jewelry pieces and you wear them day-in, day-out?

What I really would like to get a feeling for: do you think there’s a market for interchangeable rings or is it a better idea (= more affordable for the buyer) if I make the cabochons and glue them on ring bases?


4 responses to “Lampwork Rings – sneak preview!

  1. There's definitely a market! It's taking off in the UK recently and we're rather behind Germany in that regard – from what I hear, the US market is getting there too. Just make sure you let your buyers know what size of nuts you're using because there are different incompatible systems. We have who does them in sterling as well as stainless steel so you can pair a precious metal ring with your lampwork ring toppers. (I'm not affiliated, I just think they're a great idea!)

  2. Kalorlo – great point to be clear about the nut size and what systems it's compatible with. I'll make sure. I actually got part of my suppliers from Sabine Little, and love the different options she's offering with the interchangeable system.

  3. Nice job on the rings Judith! I can't wait to get my new brass – my settings are going in a slightly different direction but Sabine's things are just great.

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