A quick Hello from San Juan Island

We’re enjoying our short trip to the San Juan Islands with the whole family (DH, our girls and the Belgian in-laws) very much.

So today there’s only a quick update – we’re on vacation after all and I try to minimize my online time (it’s hard though because our fabulous vacation home has free wifi). But I just had to share these pics of some of the wildlife that we encountered in the last 2 days.

A juvenile fox with no fear of us whatsoever:

And this seal was playing hide and seek with visitors in the Friday Harbor marina.
Again there was no shyness or fear whatsoever.
The girls had so much fun observing him:

And here is a frequent visitor on the lawn of our vacation home:

There are lots of deers around. The rental house sits on more than 4 acres of lamd in a wooded area … Lots of deers, foxes and many resident eagles.

We haven’t seen the Orcas yet. Judging by the whale watching boats passing in front of our deck, they seem to be currently more north in the Vancouver Island area, approx. 1 hour boat ride away from us. But we still have 3 days left – Plenty of time to keep us hopeful for some Orca sightings.

I’ll be back soon with another update. Wishing you all a fabulous 4th of July weekend 🙂


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