Examples on how to use “ready made” color schemes

If you are anything like me, than you can relate most probably to this: there are just days where I’m overwhelmed with choice – or just lost for inspiration. I am sitting in front of my two large glass shelves, and even though I have around 200 lbs. of glass laying in front of me: I sometimes just can’t decide which colors to use together. So many choices …
What I found really helpful is to look at interior design books, fashion magazines, or online resources for designer-recommended color schemes. I can either translate the suggested colors very literal into matching glass colors – or I use it as a starting point that might lead me eventually in another direction.

Check out my inspiration for yesterday’s beads!

I found this color scheme on http://www.design-seeds.com, and the picture reminded me of one of my favorite spots in the world: Marlborough Sound in New Zealand.

I’m not sure where the picture was taken (looking closely, it doesn’t look anything like the Marlborough Sounds LOL), but that doesn’t really matter. The inspiration is all that counts.

Just thinking of the name Marlborough, I get transported back to our vacations in the area, and numerous visits to the gorgeous vineyards in the Marlborough region. I close my eyes and can see myself sitting in the sun at Highfield Estate, tasting a couple of fabulous red wines, paired with great food.

Umm oh, back to lampworking, right? Check out the end result, of course I named these beads “Marlborough”:

I used the color scheme pretty much as suggested, slightly adapted to glass that I have in stock: teal and translucent glacier green combined with 3 different gray hues. As reminiscence to the red grapes of the Marlborough wine region, I’ve added some fabulous Z99 Purple Rose frit. The addition of the vibrant purple changed the whole look and feel of the color palette, don’t you think?

And here the second example of yesterday. The colors in this scheme just spoke to me: they’re warm and vibrant, the ideal hues for the start of Autumn. And the color scheme contains some of my current favorites: olive and gray.

I didn’t really translate the colors one-on-one, but took this picture as a starting point and pulled some similar colors, without trying to match them really.

I don’t usually use browns and as a substitute with a similar color temperature, I selected a terracotta color. And instead of the light linen green, I chose ASK Caramel Apple, a color very close to the fashionable “Bamboo” from Pantone’s Fall/Winter color palette.

The finished set of beads, “Olive Grove”:

The beads did turn out a bit different than the original color scheme, but have the same feel and temperature: natural hues, warm and vibrant.

How about you? I would love to hear what sources and ideas you use to kickstart your inspiration if you have “one of those days” where you just can’t decide what to do.
What makes your imagination fly?

Oh, and if you like the beads, they’re currently listed on Ebay. Here are the links to Marlborough and Olive Grove.


2 responses to “Examples on how to use “ready made” color schemes

  1. I just “found” your blog. Glass and color and beads! There couldn't be a better combination! I love the ones you have shown here and throughout. I'll be following to watch for more!

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