Names and Shops on Etsy … big changes ahead

Uh, I’m really excited about this news just coming from Etsy.

Starting October 18th, there will be a distinction between people (with “real” names) and shops.
Plus: Finally we are able to change our shop name. I know there are quite a few people out there that regretted their initial name choice, either because they changed completely the kind of items they offer, or because they expanded into different areas, or simply because they don’t like their shop name any more.

Well, now finally sellers are able to change their Etsy shop names – woohoo! Etsy still keeps some control over the whole name changing business. You’ll have to apply for the name change, obviously it has to be unique, and it takes a week or so to go through.

What I love is that the old name is not gone completely, but there is going to be a redirection to your new shop(name).
So far it sounds good. Just hope it’s all working as expected.

Read all details about the changes in Etsy here:


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