Fun at the torch: End of Day Bead

Every day at the end of my torching session I’m doing one “End of Day Bead”. It’s mostly some fun things, or a technique that I never tried before, a new shape or just some experiments with whatever glass is laying around on my table.

Yesterday night’s end of day bead (in this case I should actually call it “End of Year bead”, right?) is inspired by Sarah Hornik‘s fun bead shapes (check out her webpage!).

As so often, it started out as something completely different, but I’m used to that LOL. I’m always amazed (and sometimes scared) of how much the glass dictates what I’m doing. You think you’re in control of the glass? Hahaha, think again 😉

And with that I would like to wish you all a fantastic New Year 2012!
See you on the other side with new inspirations, new shapes, new colors and hopefully with many more glassy experiments 🙂


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