Goals: January 2012

I don’t know about you, but I try to use the transition in a New Year to reflect on my last business year and also to set some big goals for the new year.
Obviously it’s not enough to just set some goals LOL. So right now I’m trying to put a plan in place that helps me to make it happen and hopefully achieve all my goals.
If you’re like me, you just know what I’m talking about: It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different areas that could use improvement and with manifold ideas for the creative part as well as on the business side of things. And there’s only a limited availability of time to work on those new ideas, and a fixed budget to allocate to the different areas that I want to work on this year.
To counteract this, I’m trying to focus in 2012 every month on one area that I want to improve. I hope, this will make it easier for me, to focus and prioritize the tasks that are necessary to grow my business and realize the ideas that are buzzing around in my head.
For January 2012 my focus is: Go Green!
There are a couple of areas where any business can reduce its waste, carbon footprint, and overall environmental impact. For my specific business of lampworking and jewelry design, I feel the biggest opportunity for introducing green business practices is in the office area.
Here’s my action plan for January 2012:
  • Replace my fancy business cards with (equally nice) business cards made from 100% recycled paper
  • Replace printer and copier paper with recycled paper
  • Completely eliminate bubble wrap and wrap beads in 100% recycled tissue paper (what’s the point of bubble wrapping in any way, as I place the bubble wrapped beads into a protective card board jewelry box?).
  • Replace my white swirl jewelry boxes with kraft jewelry boxes, if possible 100% recycled
  • Shipping Tape. My current shipping envelopes are already made from recycled paper, but I still need to find a solution for the tape. At the moment I use Heavy Duty shipping tape to stick the labels to the envelope. I do need something that protects the printer ink on the labels from disintegrating in case the envelope get’s damp.
I’m wondering: Is there something available, such as recycled tape?
Or alternatively biodegradable tape?
If you have any ideas how I can replace the tape with something either recycled or biodegradable, please let me know! Also if you can recommend a certain supplier for environmentally friendly shipping materials, please do share here on the blog.
Yesterday I ordered already my recycled paper business cards (thanks www.moo.com for offering an environmentally friendly alternative, that still looks fabulous!) and can’t wait for them to arrive.
I also started to research the different options for the other action points that I want to implement this month. There are quite a big range of options, but obviously I also need to look at the costs of implementing those. I hope I can find some great solutions!
How about you? Did you also start the New Year with big plans and even greater ambitions? If you want to share, please comment and let’s discuss!

Talk soon,


3 responses to “Goals: January 2012

  1. I really like your monthly goals idea! (I did quarterly goals, but you may get more accomplished this way.) I'm all about reducing things into smaller bits that are attainable. At the end of the year, I actually seem to have way more accomplished with much less stress! This environmental goal is a very worthy one! I'm doing many of the packaging things on your list, and for the very same reasons. I'm not aware of any substitute for the clear packaging tape, but if you find one, I would certainly like to hear about it too. One obvious thing to help with the tape is just to use the minimum amount necessary. I watched in the Post Office the other day as a woman waiting in line slowly but surely covered the ENTIRE box she was sending in packing tape. It was all I could do not to jerk it out of her hands! :-0 Unnecessary, expensive, bad for the environment, and her postage label won't stick properly! Anyway, you have great ideas. Thanks for sharing them! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. Sharyl, I'm a procrastinator and I found that with 3-monthly goals I tend to push it out till the last minute (and then get all panic-y about it). Not that I don't leave it till the week with monthly goals, but because the deadline is tighter and my goals are “smaller bites”, I hope that I'm able to stick better to it. I do try to keep the tape to a minimum, but still feel that I could do better, if there was a better solution. Not sure how the ready-labels are from an enviromental point of view (the once that have a self-stick backside). That could reduce the majority of my tape and I could maybe restrict it to a small bit to cover the delivery and sender address. Thanks for your input and thanks for sharing what you're doing!

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