Something old and something new

Just a quick “eye candy” post today, I want to show something new and something old.

First one is a set that I made yesterday night, using an old favorite color, a rare odd lot of Double Helix silver glass, called TE-317. There are a couple of different versions floating around, and I have them all LOL.

Check out “Marrakesh“. Just love how the silver glass does it’s thing, and creates this soft veil effect and subtle color shifts (click on pictures to enlarge, link to Ebay auction at end of post):

And a new obsession (for me): gold aventurin frit. I know, it’s nothing new on the planet at all. But while I had that jar in my frit drawer already for a long time, for some reason I never pulled it out and played with it. But now I’m in love and I’m kind of obsessed with mixing different colors with the aventurin to find the best colors to highlight the bronze-golden sparkle.Here are two recent examples:

Copper Sparkle Nuggets
And Rio Sparkle Nuggets

Gotta dash and get some work in the house done *sigh*. Oh, and if you’re interested in these beads, they’re currently listed on Ebay.

Talk soon,


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