Start of a new necklace series

I’m very excited about a new line of jewelry that I started working on. Of course main feature are my glass beads, but the different necklace styles also highlight a variety of textures and metal chain patterns. Working title of the new series is “Cascade”.
Here’s a first teaser picture, because I just have to share my excitement about this new project. And to be honest, besides some sketches and lots of ideas (and one prototype), that’s all I have to show at the moment LOL:
The peach colored beads in the middle are right now in the etching solution, to achieve a a frosted, matte finish. 
I can’t wait for the snow to melt, so that I can drive to Seattle and get all the necessary findings before assembling the first pieces. In the meantime, as long as we’re snowed in, I will continue to make some more beads in different colors for this series. 
Oh, and just in case you haven’t had any snow this year, here’s how it’s looking in front of our house this morning: 

Talk soon,


2 responses to “Start of a new necklace series

  1. The beads are lovely, but I adore the composition of the shot! Can you send Vermont some of the snow? We seem to be missing ours.

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