Instead of Flowers: Spacer-mania :)

Yesterday was one of those rare days that required me to run both of my kilns at the same time.
To say it with Tom and Lorenzo (my favorite fashion blog): Darlings, here’s your Daily Pretty:

Instead of flowers, today there’s a bouquet of spacers.
I am working on finishing a large order this weekend … and this is the result of my “spacer session” yesterday night. Love how all the pastels look together!

Starting with Monday I can work again on brand new beads. Can’t wait to try some of the new glass that arrived this week šŸ™‚
Have a great start into your week,

2 responses to “Instead of Flowers: Spacer-mania :)

  1. Seeing these photos makes me believe you've just started a new trend! People will carry these at their weddings… Husbands will give their wives bouquets of these (Knowing what we really want are more beads like these!)… There could even be “get well” bead bouquets! (I can always come up with these ideas for other people, and not for myself! Ha! Anyway, really beautiful beads and photos!)

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