Creativity: Should you follow where it pulls you?

As you might know, before I started making beads, I was creating and selling jewelry. However, once I discovered lampworking and my passion for glass, there was no looking back.

So now for 5 years I’ve been making beads, beads, beads and all my creativity was just evolving around beads. Only occasionally, either on request of customers or as gift for family and friends, did I take out my jewelry tools and made a necklace or some bracelets .

Now, suddenly I feel a real desire to create jewelry again. Obviously jewelry with my own lampwork beads. But for some reason the main focus is on the jewelry designs, not the beads. My head is buzzing with all these ideas, and I can hardly contain myself from getting up in the night to sketch or jump to the torch to make the beads that I envisage for the designs.

But here’s the thing: the day has only 24 hours and there’s only so much things that I can do during this time (besides the “small” business of raising two kids and keeping the household running).

On one side I obviously want to continue making lampwork beads – I worked hard to establish a customer base and don’t want to lose my bead customers.

But on the other side my creativity is pulling me towards this completely new direction and instead of sitting in front of the torch and make beads, this morning I was working on a new necklace idea and I just couldn’t stop testing it till I was somehow satisfied with the first prototype.

I feel a real spark of excitement for jewelry again. But I’m wondering if it will hurt my lampworking business.

Your current success
is not the end of your journey;
it’s a stepping stone.

If you already have a successful “signature” jewelry line, you’re in a great position to launch new designs to an audience that’s already sold on your work.
And of course you can continue to offer your successful jewelry item.
In fact, it may be excellent “bait” for luring people in – so they can then see your newer designs as well.
Your fans want you to grow and evolve. They want to see exciting new things from you.
If you don’t evolve, you stagnate – both creatively and business-wise.
And that’s never been as true as it is now, when everything around us is evolving faster than ever.

How has your jewelry business evolved over time?



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I get creatively bored very fast and prefer to create new designs all the time, so my jewelry is constantly evolving. No wonder this poor artist was losing heart, if she felt stuck with making the same things over and over! I would go nuts, lol! I guess sometimes success can also feel like a curse.
Delia Stone
I agree wholeheartedly with Rena. Evolve! Evolution is necessary for survival – even in the handmade jewelry business. :) And as Rena already pointed out you can still offer selections from your current popular line (even if you reduce the number of offerings from that line) while also providing offerings from your adventures into new and exciting territory. I have regulars who come to see me at every show and they’re looking for the stuff they didn’t see the year before. They want to know what’s new! As long as you are offering new goods your customers will keep coming back year after year to see what’s new from you too.
You have to evolve – take baby steps and those new designs may tempt the existing customer base to evolve with you!
Unless you are Amish, you have to evolve!! And if you are Amish, you aren’t reading this.. I haven’t been doing this very long, but my style/designs have changed several times.. I still do some of the same things I started with, but most of my (friends/family)customers like to see what I’ve been adding to my collection.. And I always check out the latest trends in Bead Style magazine and see what I want to work with next.. Thank you Rena for giving us this forum to share and learn and grow!!!
Handmade Jewelry
Using the successful line to build more successful lines is the key. You have customers who love your work so show them more, different styles. Everyone has to change to grow their business, our customers always want new designs and styles so we introduce new items before the winter and summer wholesale jewelry shows. We still make designs we created over 20 years ago, we stick with what is popular and create new lines as well.
I agree with the rena, changes is necessary. Don’t fear of loosing customer because your new design would also appreciated by them. You can also show your art and skills in your particular style jewelry.
nile corp
Yes, it is true. I have been in the jewelry display business for more than a decade and that’s what we usually proved – time in business goes ups and sometimes down but striving to will it to the success path is important. Indeed a splendid post. Nile Corp Jewelry Display
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