Introducing: 3 new Sterling waterfall bib necklaces

Just a quick “post & run” today … I’ve got a girl’s night out to attend :). 
These are three new necklaces in my Cascade collection, that I just listed. Each is different, but they have the same concept to start with. I call this style a waterfall bib necklace (LOL, couldn’t come up with a better name … feel free to suggest a name in the comments) and they’re featuring some fabulous new Spring 2012 colors. 
All components, chains and clasps are genuine Sterling Silver.
To see more pics, check out my Etsy jewelry shop
Gotta rush now, time to celebrate the start of the weekend. 
Talk soon,

6 responses to “Introducing: 3 new Sterling waterfall bib necklaces

  1. These are so cool, I had to go visit your Etsy shop! So many lovely things there! It's nice to see someone working with sterling silver. I've been trying to add a bit more to my work, but not like I thought I would be doing a year or two ago! I love copper and brass too, but there's something so special about sterling silver! Love your designs!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Sharyl.Unfortunately Sterling Silver is so expensive, that I can use it only in some of my designs.The statement necklaces with up to 10 yards of chunky chains would have a terribly high price point if I tried to re-create them in Sterling Silver. So silver plated has to do for now.

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