Granite Sparkle – mini series

If you know me and my beads, than you can guess that 1. I love glitter and 2. I love shards. And if you combine those two things, I am in heaven šŸ™‚

Here are pictures of a new mini series called “Granite Sparkle”. I am thrilled about the beautiful color shifts of the shards in these beads. Don’t they look like colorful minerals with veins embedded?

I am listing these in my Etsy shop in the next hour (will edit this post to include the links once I have the listings up and running).Ā The individual sets are called (from top to bottom) Rainforest, Antique Peach, Midnight and Iron Mountain.

Oh, and I completely forgot to mention: of course there are also some matching earring beads available. Instead of lentils, I made some complementing spheres. Here’s the picture of all 4 pairs:

Wishing you all a great start into the new week,

ETA: As promised, here are the links:

Antique Rose

Antique Rose EarringsĀ


Midnight EarringsĀ

Iron MountainĀ

Iron Mountain EarringsĀ

Rain ForestĀ

Rain Forest EarringsĀ