Special Price: Granite Couleur, 5 or 2 beads

These organic beads are “leftovers” from the Whole Bead Show, where I’ve exhibited together with my friend & fellow lampworker Lara Lutrick two weeks ago. And because these are made specifically for the show, I do offer them now at a special “show special” price: 5 beads for $25, 2 beads for $10!

They are the cutest square pillows … great slim shape, ideal for bracelets. These lay very comfortable on your wrist or neck!

I do offer these currently in 5 different colors, and either as a 5-bead-set or as a 2-bead-earring set. The sizes are identical – just a matter of your design ideas to see if you need 2, 5, or 7 beads.


ETA: Thanks so much, they’re all already sold! But I’ll be listing more “show leftovers” in the next couple of days – all with show special pricing 🙂

I’m off to the torch now … time to switch off “marketing-Judith” and come out to play “creativity-Judith”.

Talk soon,