Last preps before my Europe trip

I’m leaving on Monday for my 5-week-trip to Europe. Sounds like fun, yes? Well, it’ll be mostly visiting family & friends … no Greek islands, no French country side, and no Italian glass blowers. The most exotic thing I’ll be doing is going to Belgium to drop the girls there at the in-laws place.

I’m a bit anxious to not being able to torch for 5 weeks. I firmly believe that torching is what keeps me sane LOL. I guess I just have to replace torching with running and pour everything into the training for my next race, which will be a Half Marathon trail run at Point Dash in early September.

So here’s a couple of last pictures of newly listed sets before I’m leaving. I’ll be closing my Etsy shop on Sunday night completely, because I’m not fully confident that hubby would be able to send out the right beads LOL.

   Moana Lagoon

   Vineyard – large set of 20 beads with rare StrikingColor silver glass

  Waiting for Fall – 11 spacer sized barrels and nuggets in StrikingColor silver glass

Have a great start into summer – and talk soon 🙂


2 responses to “Last preps before my Europe trip

  1. Aimee – even if I would explain the beads exactly, he would have already trouble to see the difference between “pink” and “purple”. Don’t even mention something “exotic” like teal, chartreuse or magenta.
    I’m pretty sure he would mix it all up, and don’t even get me started on how the wrapping & presentation of the finished package would be looking LOL.

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