Every good Gathering involves spending money :)

I guess I was still doing pretty ok at the Gathering – compared to my peers, I kept an iron grip onto my wallet. Of course, you can’t attend 3 days worth of beadmaking conference, without splurging a tiny, little bit :).

So I got myself 3/4 lbs. of Double Helix glass, 2 amazing beads (one gorgeous pod bead by Libby Leuchtman, and one amazing big hole disk thingy by Hayley Tsang) – and two lovely new beadrollers by Donna Felkner of CGBeads.

Before I’m posting some bead porn (love my two new beads!), I need to rave about Donna’s bead rollers. Here are two new sets that I made with the Baroque bead roller. The first one I called “Byzance”, the second one “Ancient Persia”.


And wouldn’t you know it? The two bead sets sold within minutes! I’m just in love with the shape :). And it looks as if my customers are, too!

The second bead roller is a chunky disk button roller (can’t remember the proper name). I haven’t tested it yet. But keep your eyes peeled for example pictures of these rollers :).

OK, I’ve gotta go now – the torch is calling my name and I have to finish a bead set that I started earlier today.

Talk soon,




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